Faculty & Directors

Gary Johnston, Director

Gary is based in the Eastern suburbs of Melbourne and is a Stress Management specialist with a long clinical history in the treatment of high level stress disorders and is a consultant registered with the Goulding Institute. He has spent most of his life studying the mind, starting with an interest in hypnosis when he was 9 years old. His formal studies in Clinical Hypnotherapy with Jim Goulding at the Australian Academy of Hypnotic Science include a Post Graduate Diploma in Hypnotic Science and he is a Master Time Line Therapy practitioner.

His informal studies have taken him to the intricacies and effects of biochemical imbalance on emotional reactivity and to social and religious variations in clinical evaluation and intervention. He is a strong advocate of ethical behaviour in psychotherapeutic practice.

He started clinical practice with the Gouldings at Kordover House in 1991 and has worked clinically and with corporate groups for nearly 30 years. He is now consulting on corporate and organisational stress and change management. Gary is also currently completing an additional Master’s Degree in Applied Social Science and undertaking a worldwide on-line research program with sufferers of high level stress disorders, especially PTSD, to clarify the basis of the triggers and perceptions of these reactive disorders in different age, social and religious groups.

He has been writing for ezines on-line for some time, mainly on Anxiety disorders, PTSD and Change Management and is currently completing a book on Treatment of Panic and PTSD Disorders for Victims and Clinical Practice. More details regarding his background and qualifications are available from his website: http://www.gmfint.com.

Website:  Gary Johnston

Joane Goulding,  Course facilitator

Joane is the creator and author of the Goulding SleepTalk™ for Children and ‘Top Hat’ process which she developed in the early 70’s. This unique process which is sometimes called: “the 2 minute gift that lasts a life time”, is about developing a child’s self-empowerment and teaches strategies which assists parents to help their own children deal with trauma, stress and behavior management. Joane is currently working with the Yarra Valley Practitioner’s Project (YVPP) a voluntary group of professionals offering their time to assist the 2009 Victorian Black Saturday fire affected and traumatized families. Though based in Melbourne, Joane’s many speaking and training commitments lead her to travel extensively. Given sufficient notice, she is available as a guest speaker and presents the Goulding SleepTalk™ for Children process around the world, training professional consultants and sharing her knowledge at international conferences. Joane is a published author with qualifications in Clinical Hypnotherapy, Psycho-nutrition, Training, Assessment and Education and is recognized as one of Australia’s experts in these areas. More information including details of her background and qualifications are available from her website. www.sleeptalkchildren.com

Website: Joane Goulding

Belinda Hulstrom, Course facilitator

Belinda is based in Melbourne and is an Oxford graduate with over 25 years’ career experience in diverse roles in Adult and Secondary Education; Marketing; Human Resources; Counselling and Psychotherapy and Adult Vocational Training. Belinda is the current President of the Australian Association of Clinical Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy; Secretary of The Council of Clinical Hypnotherapists; a Board Member of the Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists and a member of The Australian Counselling Association. She is also a qualified trainer and principal tutor for The Essex Institute of Clinical Hypnosis (Australia).

Belinda believes that all counseling, psychotherapy and coaching involves stress management and she has developed a particular focus in this area as she has yet to meet anyone for whom the treatment of stress is unneeded or inappropriate.  Belinda has made frequent use of mind-body “coherence” training using the HeartMath FreezeFramer and Emwave HRV technology since 2003. Further details outlining her qualifications and experience can be found by visiting her website: www.belindahulstrom.com

Contact Details: Email: belinda.hulstrom@gmail.com Mobile: 0419 331 457.

Website:  Belinda Hulstrom

Jeff Berger,  Course facilitator


Jeff is a registered psychologist with a busy private practice in Gisborne. He is currently preparing for his PhD and has over 30 years of experience and lecturing background in Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychology. Jeff was the General Manager of the Australian Academy of Hypnotic Science for some years and he assisted the Director Joane Goulding in the final stages of obtaining Government accreditation and registration as a private provider including RTO status.  Jeff was the senior lecturer in Abnormal Psychology, Gestalt, Counselling and related subjects for many years. He has extensive experience in Psychotherapy, Training and Corporate stress management. Jeff was an executive member of the Victorian ASCH Chapter and its Chairperson for many years and a registered member of the Australian National Hypnotherapy Register.   He has a Master’s degree (Hons) and his professional qualifications include:

B.A (Psych)., B.Th. (Hons),

Grad. Dip. Counselling Psych.

Government Accredited Diploma of Health – Clinical Hypnosis – Issued by the Australian Academy of Hypnotic Science

Fellow – Australian Society of Clinical Hypnotherapists

Fellow – Australian Academy of Hypnotic Science.

Member, Australian Psychological Society.

Charter Member, Critical Incident Stress foundation of Australia.

Professional and Life Skills Master Coach.

Certificate 1V. Assessment and Workplace Training

Retired Anglican Priest.

Contact Details. (03) 53422224 Mobile: 0419 589 835    Email:  jekasiam@netconnect.com.au.

Website:  Jeff Berger