Grad Dip Psychonutrition

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Course Details and Pre-requisites

To teach mental health workers the causes and effects of nutrient deficiencies, sensitivities and toxicities on emotional and mental health.This course is an add-on to primary health care education.

Graduate Diploma Resources:

On-line availability – workbooks, video presentations, webinar support copies of academic support research provided. See Units of Competency

Hours: Nominal 600 hours – self paced

Minimum Pre-requisites

Diploma in related field and membership of an acceptable Professional Association Applicants must prove previous achievement and provide good reason for wanting to do the course and level of commitment. Previous fields in medical, psychology, mental health, social work etc Membership of an appropriate professional association Certification from The Goulding Institute.
Course completion: Must be completed within 12 months of commencement.

See Units of Competency