Professional Supervision Certification

Clinical Supervisor Training Course

The Certificate of Professional Supervision is delivered on-line. It is assessed by both on-line means and a practical video of a full supervision session.Investment and Registration: Online Registration & Payment of $495

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Course Outline

Principal Clinical Supervision Trainer, Jeff Berger and
Goulding Institute Faculty Members Belinda Hulstrom, Gary Johnston and Joane Goulding will provide:

  •  2 Full days of Lectures and Workshop Activities provided as video downloads from the Goulding Institute On-line Learning Centre
  •  5 Self-Paced Online Units of Study & Assessment
  • Submission of Competency-based Clinical Supervision Practice Tasks

On satisfactory completion you will receive a Certificate of Attainment in Clinical Supervision


To register for this training course, it is expected that you:

  • have been in professional practice in a counselling/psychotherapy modality for a minimum of five years
  • are not aware of any formal complaints of professional misconduct ever having been made to any professional association or registration board against you
  • have no complaints of professional misconduct currently under investigation in relation to your current/past work.
  • have not been found guilty of any offense in Australia or overseas.
  • have never been refused admission to a professional association or registration board.
  • Documentation Required
    A copy of your current Professional Association Membership Certificate
    A letter from your Professional Association stating that you have a minimum of 5 years full clinical experience AND that the association considers that you are a fit person to act as a Supervisor in a clinical professional environment

Course completion: This course must be completed within 6 months of registration

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